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Born in Kuala Lumpur, Dato’ Dex Chew founded DEX Group Holding Sdn Bhd and Global Vape Cafe Sdn Bhd. The company believes in innovative and scientific management approaches. He believes in honesty, innovation, hard work and sustainability in business.


My first encounter with Dato’ Dex Chew took place at a training course. I had met many people then but I had a distinct memory of him when we met. My first impression of him was that of a humble young entrepreneur who is very willing to learn.

There are many great traits that Chew possesses but I truly admire Chew’s qualities of being very helpful to his friends and willing to share good things with them. He hopes to achieve excellence in life together with his friends.

Chew also has a big heart and will never feel jealous of others’ achievements. He is very kind and generous with his time as well. People around him often feel that they are appreciated because of his kindness. It is such a great experience to have him as a friend.

The biggest contributing factor to Chew’s success is his love and care for his team of employees. He is very attentive to his team and gives them assistance and strong support. He is also willing to groom talents among his team. He believes in that cooperation among each other is key to the company’s success.

Furthermore, Chew is a family man and takes good care of his loved ones. No matter how busy he is, he always puts his family first.

I have many memorable moments with him and these include a hiking trip and listening to him sharing his entrepreneurial story and experience. His story and experience have a positive effect on many people around him, inspiring and motivating them to forge ahead.

Chew is an excellent entrepreneur. He will be an influential personality to the younger generation, especially in the mobile phone industry. I hope he will keep up the good work. I just want to say that I am proud of him and am also very happy to be his mentor.


Starting his own business

Dato Chew has been keen interest in the mobile phone industry when he was studying. He started working part-time jobs at the age of 14. He used to sell mobile phone accessories at night market stalls and work part-time in a square mobile phone shop, where he learned mobile marketing, store management and business management.

“Just at the age of 16, I started my own business, from an ordinary mobile phone salesman to becoming small business owner. Since Dato Chew chose the journey that completely contradicts the world’s expectations, he has not been favored by the outside world.

Keep learning, Keep hungry

He revealed that in the past 10 years of entrepreneurship, in addition to working hard with perseverance, he also constantly pursued self-improvement. As a result of joining OE Business School and learning from countless successful entrepreneurs, Dato Chew won the top 100 most influential young outstanding entrepreneurs in Malaysia in 2018. With such an opportunity, at the same time, he builds a wide network of contacts with integrity, so that he can find both sides and get help from people everywhere on the road to entrepreneurship.

Power of belief

Dato Chew believes in honesty, innovation, hard work, and sustainability in his business, leading the company to persist in reform and innovation.

He firmly believes that teamwork and communication can achieve excellent results, and is committed to cultivating a mutually trusting work team, improving work efficiency and establishing a channel for mutual learning. Bringing corporate culture into the work mission reminds the team of the importance of “attitude, details, actions, and goals”.

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